Our Mission

We are a workers collective that runs an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, and anti-oppression food and alternative health community center. We are dedicated to serving students and marginalized people, providing healthy and affordable food, community building, and working towards social and environmental justice.


"Great sense of community, an organization that really does great things and its actions continue to match its mandate, We have had the opportunity to write grants, over see in depth financial and general statements with consistent meetings even throughout the pandemic , there is transparency in the organization to a level that is not always present in organizations, get to be involved in the future/visioning, get fed, get to meet new fun people. -Le Frigo Vert Board of Directors Member

Le Frigo Vert has been a constant joy in my life since I started at Concordia. I’ve been taken care of in many ways whether that be affordable lunches, the food basket, or stimulating workshops. Le Frigo Vert rules!


"Love this place! Such nice people & amazing support. I feel safe here."

-Community Member



12-6 pm

Events and Space Booking after hours