Le Frigo Vert is supported by our membership program. Concordia students are automatically members through a small and refundable fee-levy. Non Concordia students may purchase a membership for 0-100$ sliding scale per year. (Suggested price is 50$) We also accept volunteering in exchange for membership.

This program is the power of the people coming together. It creates buying power to lower food prices as we pool our resources, enables us to offer our programming for free/affordably, and keeps Le Frigo Vert accessible for those in need. The sliding scale model acknowledges and seeks to address that it is not a level playing field. It allows people to contribute according to their means. Those who can afford to pay more make it possible for those who can't and supports grass roots community organizations and marginalized people.

Benefits of becoming a member:

-Attend our workshops and events -Order grocery items without paying shipping -Access our Pay What You Can Herbs Spices and Mushrooms -Use our Space Booking Program -Pay member prices for our subsidized grocery and cafe (non members pay an additional 50%) -Vote in our Annual General Meeting -Join our Board of Directors.

Membership Application Form: